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How is Idaho Garage Solutions different?

Take a look at our quality features

At Idaho Garage Solutions, we specialize in transforming garage floors from a plain lifeless gray to a beautiful, eye-catching, durable and easy to keep clean garage floor. And, IGS is the only garage floor coating company that guarantee’s that your newly finished epoxy floor will NEVER PEEL nor will it ever turn Yellow! Period!

With our Garage Cabinets and Storage Solutions, we can change your garage from an unorganized, messy, frustrating mess to an uncluttered, well-organized inviting room. And, we can paint the walls to complete a total garage transformation.

Your garage is one of the largest rooms of your home, yet it is often the most under-utilized despite all of its potential. No longer will you be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable going into your garage. No matter if you decide, whether you have the garage floor coated, or cabinets, storage or have your garage painted as well, you will be proud and excited to show your friends your beautifully finished garage.

At Idaho Garage Solutions, we have all of the solutions! With our LIFETIME GUARANTEED floor coating, GARAGE CABINETS, innovative STORAGE SOLUTIONS, TRIM WORK and custom PAINTING, your garage will finally be a stunningly beautiful functional part of your home. Not only enhancing your lifestyle, it will also increase your homes usable space and increase the value of your biggest investment; your home.

Two Lifetime Warranties

Your IGS garage floor coating comes with Two Lifetime Written Warranties! One it will never Peel and two it will never turn Yellow. None of our competitors offers this kind of guarantee. Our epoxy is America’s best cement floor epoxy made. And, it is also backed up from a manufacture that has been in business for over 100 years. Tested against our competitors’ epoxies, our epoxy not only outperformed other systems, it is nearly four times stronger in adhesion to cement.

Below is an excellent picture that demonstrates the strength of our Epoxy. On a slab of cured cement, we coated the top of it with our Epoxy, and then sat a brick on it. Once the epoxy dried, we literary had to hit the brick several times with a sledge hammer to get the brick to separate from the cement slab. Our Epoxy stuck so strongly to the brick that when it finally broke loose you can see the cement slab stuck to the brick. Why? Because of our Epoxies “Absorption Technology”.  THAT IS WHY OUR EPOXY HAS NEVER PEELED!

Here are just some of the reasons that our epoxy is the best cement floor epoxy product – and the most durable:

  • Deep “Absorption Technology” epoxy for permanent bonding to concrete
  • Able to block up to 7 lbs. of MVE (moisture vapor emissions)
  • Extremely resistant to cracking
  • High UV tolerance prevents yellowing

For that beautiful high-gloss non-yellowing finish, we apply the highest quality top coating, made by the our same epoxy manufacture. The combination of these two products give a beautifully finished glossy shine and it is GUARANTEED TO NEVER YELLOW! When used with our concrete epoxy, this topcoat allow us to finish an average size garage in a two day turnaround. More importantly, our fast-drying coatings do not sacrifice quality, delivering a commercial-grade high-gloss appearance and industrial-grade strength on every installation.

What does this mean to you the consumer? It means you are getting the best garage floor coating in America! And, to back this up, you get a written lifetime warranty with Two guarantees.

  • Lifetime Warranty against Peeling and against Yellowing.

And, because we use the Best epoxy and top coating from a manufacture that’s been around for over 100 years, this means you will never have to call us to come back and (as our competitors will say) “refresh” your floor to give back that shine. OUR FLOORS STAY SHINNY!

Outstanding Quality

Our garage cabinets and storage systems deliver the same combination of strength, durability, and attractiveness as our flooring materials. Available in a wide range of designs and finishes, our cabinets and storage systems are the answer to all of your garage storage needs.

These garage cabinets and storage systems combine European design with American strength. All of our cabinets are crafted out of high-strength plywood (not particle board) and come in a range of attractive finishes. Our manufacture employees craft EVERY garage storage cabinet and storage system order to exacted precision.


We are a family business and we have nearly 13 years experience in coating garage floors, installing cabinets, storage systems, trim work and painting. We takes pride not only in the work that we do but also in how we treat all of our customers. Our dedication to your experience is our secret to Idaho Garage Solutions business success! Our sales process is simple and concise. Our installations are 100% completed by our family and we only will accept the highest quality of workmanship! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! As our customer, you will be treated with the utmost respect and will receive remarkable customer service. Customers who have received our garage floor coating and organization services often become our biggest advocates and best sales people. We know what we are doing, we do what we say we will do, and we keep you informed on what we are doing while doing your job. We are honest hard working people with high integrity and we always will do each job correctly and you will be treated properly.

We Want & Appreciate Your Business!!!