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The Idaho Garage Solutions Company

Garage Floor Coatings, Cabinets, Storage Solutions, Trim Work and Painting!

Upgrade your garage. Upgrade your lifestyle.

At Idaho Garage Solutions, we are considered a respected leader in transforming garage floors from an oil stained, dull plain gray to a durable, beautiful, easy to clean floor space.

Is Your Garage a Cluttered Nightmare?

We also excel in turning your garage from an unorganized, frustrating, embarrassing mess that only spiders would love, to an uncluttered, well-organized smart and stylish room with our Custom-Made-to-Fit highly finished Garage Cabinets and Storage Systems. Plus, to top it off, we also can add trim and custom paint your Garage Walls to match everything to your taste.

Your garage is one of the largest rooms of your home, yet it is often the most under-utilized despite all of its potential.

It used to be that the garage was not really part of the house. It was a place to park the vehicle, throw in things for storage and shut the door behind you because you did not want to see it. But things have changed…

At Idaho Garage Solutions, we have All of the solutions!

Whether you choose to have your Garage Floor Coated, or you want to have your garage organized with our Cabinets and or Storage Systems, add trim or even have us paint the walls, you can rest assure that Idaho Garage Solutions,  will complete your job right!

Whatever you do to your garage, it will finally be a beautiful, functional part of your home, increasing your homes usable space, increasing your home’s value and upgrading your lifestyle.

With Idaho Garage Solutions, you’ll have the confidence of unparalleled quality, lasting beauty, and trouble-free durability. Whatever it is, Idaho Garage Solutions have the expertise and commitment to make it happen!

  • Over 80 coating colors to choose from! You can even customize your own.
  • Countless Garage Cabinets and Storage System Ideas to fit your needs!
  • Endless Sherwin & Williams Garage Wall color choices!

How do we provide Piece-of-mind to our customers?

Meticulous Preparation – Attention to Detail – Highly Experienced Knowledgeable Caring Family Staff!

We Want & Appreciate Your Business!!!