THE Idaho Garage Solutions COMPANY

Most Ask Questions About Our Floor Coating

How is the floor prepared for your coatings?

We mask off the garage walls and then use a Diamond Floor Grinder on the concrete surface. DIAMOND GRINDING THE TOP CEMENT LAYER OFF IS CRUCIAL TO THE EPOXY LASTING A LIFETIME! THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO PREP YOUR CEMENT FLOOR. We remove a fine top layer of the cement which leaves the pores opened in the cement’s surface. This will allow the Epoxy coating material to absorb into the cement, giving the product superior lifetime adhesion. The grinder also will remove any blemishes or stains in the cement. After the grinding process we fill any divots or cracks in the cement.

Your Competitor Wants To Acid Wash My Garage Floor To Prep it.

A lot of epoxy floor companies only do acid washing to prep the cement and then apply their epoxy. The reason IGS will not acid wash cement as a prepping method is because the only thing that acid washing will do is clean the cement.  It does not open the cement pores so that the epoxy can absorb into it. That is why we always use our Diamond Grinding machine. This is the only way you can take off a fine top cement layer. By removing this layer, it will open the cement pores so that our Epoxy will absorb into the cement creating a permanent bond. It takes between 5 to 6 times longer to Diamond Grind a cement floor but it is worth the extra work for IGS as we don’t have to worry about our Epoxy lifting or peeling.

As of right now November of 2019, I have completed three re-do’s for customers that had their garage floors done by different companies.  All three had one thing in common, the floors epoxy and even the top coat were lifting and peeling.  There worst areas were where the vehicles’ tires drove on.  I had to grind off the existing coat and start over for the owners.  I could see that all three jobs were not diamond grind as there were no cuts into the cement from the diamond blades.  I am not sure if the floors were acid washed or nothing was done to them before applying the epoxy.  But I do know that the floors were not prepped correctly, thus causing the product to fail.

I have some cracks in my floor can you fix them?

Yes, absolutely we can fix them and, in most cases, we will not charge for this service.

How long does the whole floor coating process take?

For a 750 sq. ft. garage it usually takes one 8 to 10-hour day for prepping and applying the Epoxy and Flakes.  The next day about 5 hours to prep and apply the top coat.  Then it takes about 8 hours to dry enough to walk on and 48-72 before driving on it.  Keep in mind when we do jobs in the winter the whole process can take a bit longer due to the colder temperatures.

How long after you install my floor coating can I use it.

You can actually walk on it within a few hours and put back heavy things or drive on it in 48 to 72. Again, cold weather temperatures can cause the process to take longer than warmer temperatures.

I already have a coating on my floor that is peeling, can you remove it?

Our Diamond Grinders can remove any coating, which will prepare the floor for one of our coatings. Depending on the type of coating that is already on your floor, there might be an extra charge if it takes longer for us to remove it.

Is it my responsibility to remove my stuff from the garage?

We are happy to help you remove large items from your garage. But we ask that you remove the smaller things like bikes, boxes etc.

How do I keep my new floor new looking?

The best way to clean your floor is using a mop and water with Simple Green in it; you only use one tablespoon to 3/4 of a gallon of warm water. You will be amazed just how clean and shinny your floor will look again. It’s easy to clean and it will look beautiful again!

How long will my floor last?

We provide a Lifetime Written Warranty. The fact is our Epoxy coating will last because we prep it the correct way and the high quality of our products.  Just be careful of really extreme harsh chemicals. Commercial chemicals like these might dull the shine of the product. If you spill an extremely harsh chemical, just wipe it up and clean the area with the Simple Green.  I have spilled Lacquer Thinner on my floor and it sat there for several days and it didn’t do any damage. But, just to be safe, wipe it up when you see the spill.