Prepping Cement Floor IS Everything! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

To allow for the coatings to adhere at optimal performance, the concrete must be prepped prior to installation. Every step in applying a cement floor epoxy coating is extremely important to be completed correctly THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! The fact is, if any of the steps is not completed right, the next step that follows will fail overtime. The concrete must have a Concrete Service Profile or CSP of 1-3. To obtain this, there is ONLY ONE way it can be done properly:

DIAMOND GRINDING – Is The Best and Correct Way to Prepare Cement for an Epoxy Coating.

  • What is diamond grinding? Diamond grinding is achieved by using a concrete grinder with diamond bits to remove the top layer of concrete, leaving the floor completely permeable to ensure a proper adsorption and adhesion of the epoxy coatings.
  • When to diamond grind? This method is not only preferred when there are existing coatings that need to be removed, floors that have been sealed previously, areas where carpet or tile have been removed. At Idaho Garage Solutions we Diamond Grind all of these surfaces including cement that have none of these materials on it.  That’s right, we Diamond Grind bare cement that have never had anything applied to it.  Why?  When a cement surface has been Diamond Grind, it removes a thin layer of the cement which allows for the Epoxy to absorb into the cement which will keep the epoxy from ever lifting or peeling.  This method will give the best guarantee that the coatings will adhere properly as the pores of the concrete have been opened up.
  • On an average size garage which is around 650 square feet, our vacuum will catch all of the cement dust so there is no dust flying around in the garage.  Our vacuum will literally collect between 13 to 18 pounds of cement floor dust that the Diamond Grinder took off. 
  • IGS uses an top of the line HEPA Industrial Vacuum that will collect the cement dust.  Using a HEPA Vacuum is a United States law as the cement dust over time is breathed a lot can kill you as it clogs the lungs until they quit working. Also, this vacuum systems keeps your walls from getting cement dust on them.

Acid Washing – Bad Idea!

Some competitors do acid washing but we at IGS have chosen not to prep garage floors using this method. Even though it costs much less and takes about 6 times longer than to acid wash compared to Diamond Grinding, there are also other negatives using acid. Here are the reasons why we will never acid wash to prep a garage floor.

The problem with acid washing is, you can’t 100% control the acid when you rinse it off the garage floor. This means what ever the acid gets on:

  • It can stain other coatings such as your driveway.
  • It can kill flowers and grass area.
  • It can be fatal to any animals or people that drink it.
  • I hear it all the time, the company do the garage floor sent their worker out to do the garage floor and he acid washed it and ended up doing damage to several things (another reason IGS only hires family members).
  • Acid washing only cleans the cement, IT DOES NOT REMOVE ANY CEMENT OFF SO THE CEMENTS’ POURS CAN OPEN UP.  Therefore the epoxy does not absorb into the cement, it just dries on top of the cement. This is the best way for the epoxy to lift and peel!

Also, epoxy and water don’t mix, so if there is any water in the cement it will peel. Idaho Garage Solutions has built a solid reputation for completing garage floors fast, in most cases, just two days. This means that the customer can use their garage that same night, instead of waiting for the cement to dry from using acid washing, thus getting their garage back to using it!