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Blue Garage Cabinets to Match a Blue Porsche? Yes, We Can Do That!

Can We Match Your Car’s Color? You Betcha! Create a unique look for the garage that matches

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Concrete Spalling Issues

What Is Concrete Spalling? Spalling issues in concrete can have an adverse effect on the adhesion

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Using Ultra High Solids Polyaspartic Topcoat

To stay on the cutting edge of the coatings industry, Idaho Garage Solutions uses 85% Ultra-High

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Empty Garage? Make It a Bonus Room

Turing Your Garage into a Bonus Room If you are short on space and need an extra room in your home,

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Concrete Prep Methods

Prepping Cement Floor IS Everything! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! To allow for the coatings to adhere at

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Steps for Giving Your Garage a Full Make-Over

Are you tired of parking your car outside because it won’t fit in the garage? Is there sports

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Black Tire Marks on A Garage Floor

Black Tire Marks – Not On IGS Garage Floors! What causes black tire marks on the garage

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Concrete Moisture Test for Epoxy Flooring

Moisture Can Cause Lifting and Peeling  A moisture test helps the customer understand what it

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Garage Storage

Perfect Garage Storage Customize a garage with garage storage options that fit a family’s

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