America’s Best Product

Why I Chose the Products That I Use

I am a person that takes pride in whatever I do. Whether it’s a project on my own house or helping a neighbor do whatever, I want to do it right! I never want to feel the embarrassment of having to go back and redo anything. That is why at Idaho Garage Solutions we prep the cement the way we do and why we use the garage floor coating products that we use when applied right, it will never peel or yellow!

Take a look at this remarkable picture that shows the unbelievable strength our Epoxy has.

This picture shows a cement slab that has been coated with our Epoxy and a brick has been placed on top of the slab so they can dry together. After our Epoxy dried, we used a mallet to break the adhesion between the brick and slab. It took four hard hits before the brick broke loose.  What were the results? Look at the bottom of the brick, you will see that our Epoxy actually soaked into the cement thus creating a bond so tight that the slabs cement stuck to the brick. WOW!

Why? Because of our Epoxies “Absorption Technology”.  THAT IS WHY OUR EPOXY HAS NEVER LIFTED OR PEELED!  And, that is why we purchase our Epoxy from a USA manufacture that has been in business well of 100 years, they know what they are doing and they are the best at it!

The fact is, their “Absorption Technology” Epoxy is America’s best concrete garage floor Epoxy product. Tested against our competitors’ epoxies, the Epoxy we use not only outperformed other systems, it is nearly four times stronger in adhesion to cement. There is no other epoxy product on the market that has this kind of  “Absorption Technology”.

The “Absorption Technology” Is Great, But Will It Stay Looking Beautiful?

My other concern was how well the clear topcoat would hold up. I knew the Epoxy and the flakes on it look really nice and I obviously wanted to keep it that way. I needed a topcoat product that would keep a beautiful finish and would not yellow overtime. And, I found it!

The same 100 year old manufacture that provides our Epoxy also provides the right topcoat. This topcoat gives all of our customers floors that we have done, a stunningly beautiful high-gloss finish coating. And, just as importantly, this top coat gives a High UV tolerance from the sun’s rays that’s GUARANTEED TO NEVER DULL OR YELLOW!

Combining the Epoxy and the Topcoat is exactly what I personally want for my home and for all of my customer’s homes. We have done jobs for several industrial companies that have high traffic areas, and they have held up perfectly.  We even did the concrete around a large outdoor pool in the Highland Hills in Boise, and it also looks like it did the day we finished it.

What does this mean to you the consumer?

It means Piece of Mind, because you are getting the highest quality concrete garage floor coating in America! And, to back this up, you get a Written Lifetime Warranty on Two different things:

  • Lifetime Written Warranty for the Epoxy to never lift or peel.
  • Lifetime Written Warranty for the Top Coat to never Yellow.

Because Idaho Garage Solutions uses the highest quality Epoxy and Top Coating, this means you will never have to call us to come back and repair anything. OUR GARAGE FLOORS DON’T PEEL AND THEY STAY SHINNY JUST LIKE THE DAY WE FINISHED COATING IT!

But that being said, if there is ever a problem, IGS and the 100 year old manufacture that we use, will stand 100% behind our warranty! Like I said, Idaho Garage Solutions work gives all of our customers Piece Of Mind. Robert Rose Owner