About us

We’re a Father and Son business that truly enjoys coating garage floors. There are two reasons we have no employees and do the work ourselves:

1. We have 100% control over quality. Every floor we do is completed correctly and finished beautifully.

2. We save thousands of dollars every month and, by keeping our overhead low, we’re able to do each job for less and pass the savings onto you, our customers.

We partnered with Sherwin-Williams to use their products for all of our garage floors. If there’s ever a failure of their product, they will back it up. Because of this, Idaho Garage Solutions is able to give each customer’s floor a lifetime warranty. With IGS’s quality workmanship and Sherwin-Williams backing their products, customers can’t go wrong by having us do their floors!


Rated 5 out of 5
July 27, 2022

I met Robert at a home and garden show and talked with him about my garage floor and of course prices.

The price Robert quoted was far below others I had talked to at the show. I had Robert do my garage which turned out extremely nice. I was so happy with the garage I had him do my patio. The neighbors liked it so much three of them did theirs also. Robert and Pete

will do you a great job and stand behind their work. They run a great business but they will become your friend. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Dan Johnston
16th Row Picture #1

When my Son and I can work together to transform the garage above into the one below, how could we not love what we do?

16th Row Picture #2