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Garage Floor Coatings, Cabinet/Storage, Trim Work and Painting.

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How is Idaho Garage Solutions different?

Take a look at our quality features

At Idaho Garage Solutions, we specialize in transforming garage floors from a plain lifeless gray to a beautiful, eye-catching, durable and easy to keep clean garage floor.

With our Garage Cabinets and Storage Solutions, we can change your garage from an unorganized, frustrating mess to an uncluttered, well-organized inviting room. And, we can paint the walls to complete a total garage transformation.

Two Lifetime Warranties

IGS is the only company that warranties these two things: one our garage floor epoxy coatings will NEVER PEEL and two they will NEVER TURN YELLOW! PERIOD!!!

Best Quality

Our garage cabinets and storage systems deliver the same combination of strength, durability, and attractiveness as our flooring materials.


We are a family business that has 13 years experience in coating garage floors, installing cabinets and storage systems, trim work and painting.

About Us

We provide Garage Floor Coatings, Garage Cabinets/Storage Systems, Trim Work and Painting.

Idaho Garage Solutions is a family owned and operated professional company that offers stunningly, beautifully finished garage floors, dependable custom finished precisely fitted garage cabinets, garage Trim Work  and high-quality garage wall painting. Our company has built a solid reputation because…

  • We take pride in our craftsmanship!
  • We take pride in giving outstanding customer service!


From garage floor solutions, or cabinets and storage systems, to garage walls trimmed and painted, Idaho Garage Solutions family staff’s expertise will beautifully transform your garage!

Garage Floor Coatings

Idaho Garage Solutions can enhance your garage by providing a cleaner, lasting, and better-looking environment. Our coatings provide…

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Cabinets/Storage Solutions

Idaho Garage Solutions has a Garage Cabinet line that perfectly organizes your garage space. All of our products complement each other…

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Painting and Trim

When Idaho Garage Solutions first started our business way back when, the only service we offered was coatings for garage floors…

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What People Say


Blue Garage Cabinets to Match a Blue Porsche? Yes, We Can Do That!

Can We Match Your Car’s Color? You Betcha! Create a unique look for the garage that matches the car. Organizing

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Concrete Spalling Issues

What Is Concrete Spalling? Spalling issues in concrete can have an adverse effect on the adhesion of concrete coatings.

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Using Ultra High Solids Polyaspartic Topcoat

To stay on the cutting edge of the coatings industry, Idaho Garage Solutions uses 85% Ultra-High Solids Polyaspartic

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